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Live IT: We are by your side
Issue 01 March 17, 2020
    Dear customers and partners,
with the coronavirus rapidly spreading around the globe, the whole aviation industry is being hit to the core, and some carriers are even facing an existential threat. Developments are rapidly changing, with whole airlines planning to remain on the ground.

Flights are being canceled because people are staying off planes. Airlines are facing lost sales and severe reductions in service for the unforeseeable future. And for the time being, nobody can predict how grave, and how lasting, the damage will be.

We would like to assure you: We'll stand by your side, even in challenging times. Let us show you how you can best cope with this extraordinary situation. So that you will be well prepared when things are – at some point – getting back to normal.

With kind regards,

Olivier Krüger and Dr. Thomas Wittmann
CEOs Lufthansa Systems
What are our steps in the current situation?
Given the uncertain evolution of both the disease and the public response to it, we have taken various measures.
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What can you do?
In order to adapt your business to this unforeseen crisis situation, we provide you with a sound commercial and operational contingency planning.
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Let's talk about IT
Join us for online conferences and remote information sessions.
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What are our steps in the current situation?
Cross-location working groups as well as a Corona Decision Board meet daily to implement quick decisions. We are also part of the Lufthansa Group Corona working group and crisis management team. Their objective is to make sure that depending on how the situation develops, we are prepared to maintain client service while assuring the health of our staff. We do not anticipate service breakdowns, even in the case that all our operations would be conducted within a remote working setup.

If you have questions about business continuity at Lufthansa Systems and the security of your IT operations during this special situation, please do not hesitate to ask us through your account manager, product delivery manager, or your regular point of contact.
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What can you do?
Our consulting colleagues help you to restructure your network in phases of collapsing demand: which destinations to drop, which routes to keep, which frequencies to adapt. We guide you in any decision of tactical cost saving, optimizing rotations, taking aircraft out of service, but also in situations where you have to cope e.g. with crew shortages due to one or more of your bases not being accessible. This way we minimize the impact on your bottom line.

And we help you have an eye on strategic consequences - so that you are able to move as soon as demand rises again. For instance, our NetLine/Sched Tactical Fleet Assigner supports the evaluation of mid-term future scenarios under certain recovery assumptions.
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Let's talk about IT
The current developments around the globe are impacting our lives and our professional routines. In this challenging situation, we hope that we can support our partners and customers by sharing our know-how. In the spirit of our Aviation Campus, we will set up online conferences and remote information sessions open to everyone. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media channels.

Is there something you always wanted to learn about the digital airline world? Your feedback is welcome and let’s talk about IT.
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